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Boutons de Nacre

Boutons de Nacre

During the interwar period wonderful accordionists lit musical fires in Parisian cafés and ballrooms. During the twenties, the “ manouche” guitar players, including the legendary Django Rheinhardt , with their typical swinging guitar style, joined them. The “ city of light “ was also a magnet for a lot of young American jazz artitsts. The Swing Musette was born. ! Still today this style, immortalized by musicians as Django, Gus Viseur, Leo Ferret etc, knows a great success. This very colorful period of European jazz history forms the inspiration for “Boutons de Nacre” (Pearl Buttons)(coming from the buttons or keys of the accordion ). Musicians :

  • Gerry Creve, accordeon, accordina
  • Marie-Anne Standaert, trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals
  • Bart Vervaeck, guitar
  • Sebastiaan Gommeren, Double bass