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Main bands


MISSTRIOHSO Misstriohso is my most intimate group: a drumless trio. Double bass player Janos Bruneel and pianist Bram Weijters are my companions in a constant search for sound and rich harmony, set to intense grooves. With this band we play lesser-known standards and original compositions. The word misstriohso contains different small words: Miss: it’s me ! Trio: it’s a trio. Oh … So …? Yes, sometimes we will surprise you … At the same time, the name is a winking reference to Monk’s well-known composition.

New Special Quintet

New Special Quintet After the great success of the “Richard Rousselet / Marie – Anne Standaert Special Quintet “ ‘ ( see archives or this site), it’s time to make The New Special Quintet. Details coming soon!

The Hop-sh-bam Connection

The Hop-sh-bam Connection Marie – Anne brought together this band for the “first international mini-exchange” organised by inside jazz and the dance collective “Gentse Hoppers”, in May 2011. This was a little festival for authentic swing dancing in Ghent. Meanwhile Marie – Anne is herself passionate about swing dance, and she definitely knows which tempos and which tunes she can play to make the people go crazy… She surrounded herself with four musicians who are in the same “state of mind,” and the result is The Hop-sh-Bam Connection. The beating heart of the band is the drummer Tony Gyselinck, known from the legendary BRT (Belgian public broadcast corporation) bigband, from The Rhythm Junks, and many other bands. The young double bass player has Italian roots, and his name is Guiseppe Millaci. “ Xavier-ô-clavier “ is the piano player, and sometimes a real crooner when he sings some tunes. Marie – Anne writes the arrangements, plays the trumpet, and sometimes, like many other trumpet players in the jazz history, she also sings a smooth melody. Put on your dancing shoes and swing with us!

Boutons de Nacre

During the interwar period wonderful accordionists lit musical fires in Parisian cafés and ballrooms. During the twenties, the “ manouche” guitar players, including the legendary Django Rheinhardt , with their typical swinging guitar style, joined them. The “ city of light “ was also a magnet for a lot of young American jazz artitsts. The Swing Musette was born. ! Still today this style, immortalized by musicians as Django, Gus Viseur, Leo Ferret etc, knows a great success. This very colorful period of European jazz history forms the inspiration for “Boutons de Nacre” (Pearl Buttons)(coming from the buttons or keys of the accordion ). Musicians :

  • Gerry Creve, accordeon, accordina
  • Marie-Anne Standaert, trumpet, flugelhorn and vocals
  • Bart Vervaeck, guitar
  • Sebastiaan Gommeren, Double bass